If you are looking for Cognitial Software's Name Dropper renaming utility for digital photos, please click here. Rapid Streams sincerely regrets any confusion this may cause for Cognitial Software's users. To reviewers and feature writers, kindly check this post.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Name Dropped!

I knew Name Dropper is not a revolutionary name. It's not like I invented it, I just adopted it from western slang to give the tool an edgy feel to it. But it is cool, and quite catchy. And very fitting to what Name Dropper the application does. But then, which Name Dropper?

As it turns out, there is already another file renaming utility out there named, Name Dropper! This version by Cognitial Software predates my own by a good nine years, but aimed more for digital photos and by way of buttons (it's actually a neat idea).

As the developer of Cognitial Software was such a great sport when he informed me of this eventual mix-up between our products, I've decided, with his consent, to rename my application as formally "Rapid Streams Name-Dropper".

It really is such a great name I just couldn't part with it! With this mind, I would like to request future reviewers and features to use the complete formal name "Rapid Streams Name-Dropper" where suitable, to clearly distinguish our products. I know it's a mouthful, but think of it as maintaining honor among fellow developers (or something). Besides, he really was such a swell guy I just had to do something for him.

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