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Name Dropper makes multiple file renaming easy by allowing text from documents or browsers to be dragged onto files for automatic rename.

How to use Name Dropper

  1. Drag files and folders from Windows Explorer into the Name Dropper files list.
  2. Type in you Drop Renaming Pattern value. This field describes the renaming pattern to apply when processing files. Leave this field empty if no pattern is needed, that is, dropped text shall be the new name and nothing else. Note that the file extension is retained no matter the pattern used.
  3. Optionally, reorder the files if the defaults sorting is not correct. In the Details view, there is a column for the file index, which is used by the <#> placeholder to insert the index into the renaming pattern.
  4. From a document or browser window, select text and drag it onto the target file to be renamed. Name Dropper will attempt to rename the file given the new dropped name.

Renaming Pattern Placeholders

    Name Dropper currently supports the following placeholder tags:
  • <0> – when a constant text is included to be part of the renaming pattern (e.g. a TV series title or season number), this tag indicates where the new name shall be inserted in the pattern. This is required when a custom pattern shall be used.
  • <#> – this tag shall be replaced by the file index in the renaming pattern. This is generally intended for inserting the sequence into the renaming pattern. The starting number for this sequence can be modified in the taskbar field Index Start. The field Index Padding controls how many digits to display the file index in the pattern, adding leading zeroes if less than this specified field.


Drop Rename Pattern: Big Bang 4x<#> - <0>

Original Filename Sequence # Dropped Text New Name
bbt0401.avi 1 The Theory Big Bang 4x01 - The Theory.avi
bigbang04x02.avi 2 Derivations Big Bang 4x02 - Derivations.avi